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$9.95 Sounds for Prophet tm 2000/2002, DPX-1, & Studio 440 samplers continued

DISK 76: Acoustic 12-String Guitar
Here is the exceptionally thick, clear sound of a Gibson 12-String Guitar. Perfect for all types of music from folk to rock to new age!
ISK 84: Pan Flute
Breathy low end, and brite high end delivery crisp solos. Perfect loops with sustain vibrato.
DISK 90: Digital Kalimba
This Bantu cousin of the marimba has a great sound all by itself, and is really cool when it's layered with a sound like Pan Flute #84.
DISK 98: DX7 Solos
A variety of lead sounds spread over 12 presets, with lots of layers.. some presets in 5ths.
DISK 102: Sequence Master
Electronic keyboard sounds layered & split, useful for backgrounds, leads, & bass lines.
DISK 108: Baroque Flute
Here is a hand-made original Baroque period (keyless) wood flute. This instrument has plenty of character with lots of breath in the sample. It has the slightly "raw" tone of this "ancient instrument".
DISK 109: Classical Guitar #2
Here is a beautifully mellow gut-string classical guitar. This is a very old instrument restored by Michael Havershield in 1977.
DISK 110: Classical Guitar #3
Another Classical guitar, this is a modern Yamaha model with nylon strings. Features a more percussive attack and brighter sound as it is played with the fingernails close to the bridge.
DISK 112: MIDI Mix B
This is a unique sound: Electric Grand & Oberheim Synth MIDIed up for a powerful and dramatic tone color. fast & slow attacks plus thick stack modes.
DISK 114: D-50 PCM Fantasy
An impressive Roland D-50 sample with soft, bright bells and bell harmonics plus synth tones for a resonant, crystallines sound.
DISK 115: D-50 ARCO Strings
Synth strings plus PCM bowed strings. One of the truly unique sounds found only on the D-50.
DISK 116: D-50 Plucked Atmospheres
A percussive plucked string attack followed by a thick wash of synth tones. You'll be hearing this one alot on commericals and soundtracks.
DISK 117: D-50 The Chill
A complex, dramatic sound texture, perfect for creating sonic tension in soundtracks/compositions.
DISK 118: D-50 Glass Voices
A huge, atmospheric choir-type sound with some complex synth harmonics and overtones.
DISK 119: D-50 Rich Analog Strings
Another excellent D-50 patch with rich, thick, glossy analog string tones. Probably the very best synth strings available anywhere!
DISK 120: D-50 Mellowtrack
A soothing, smooth soundtrack-type patch with one set of harmonics tuned to 5ths.
DISK 122: D-50 Harmonic Overture
An incredibly rich mix of string-like and synth tones with the 5th harmonics subtly sweeping in after the initial attack portion of the sound.
DISK 123: Analog Synth Orchestra
A JX10 patch. Analog style synth horns & strings. A great, thick background wash of sound for a variety of styles.
DISK 128: Digital Rhodes #3
That famous DX7 Rhodes sound.
DISK 131: B-3 One
A Hammond sample with fast leslie. The "classic", "dirty" percussive B-3 organ.
DISK 133: Cathedral Pipes
Massive Cathedral Pipe Organ sound. Almost overwhelming when played loud with some high-quality reverb.
DISK 134: MIDI Mix C
DX7 Soft Bell, MKS-20 Rhodes and Prophet tm sampled strings all MIDIed together.
DISK 135: MIDI Mix D
MKS-20 Rhodes, Prophet tm Sampled Choir & Analog Strings. Several nice variations on the presets give almost a completely different sound w/slow attack.
DISK 136: MIDI Mix E
MKS-20 Rhodes MIDIed with a DX7 Tine piano (very bright, percussive Rhodes-type sound). Excellent in recordings when chorused in stereo.
DISK 137: MIDI Mix F
DX7 Marimba, MKS-20 Clav & Prophet tm Piano in stack mode for a unique, bold PPG-type sound. Quite unlike any other sample in the library.
DISK 142: ARCO Strings & Brass
Strong, full trumpet and trombone sections plus full strings with varied attacks.
DISK 145: Chorus Strat/Muted Guitar/ Harmonics
Nice funky damped guitar string samples plus plucked harmonics. Now includes a classic chorused strat for chords and comps. Some really great guitar sounds and effects!
DISK 156: Choir & Strings
A full choir plus a rich & expressive string section. DISK 158: Philharmonica#1
Stunning! A full French Horn section plus Strings & Choir sustained tones. Huge, thick, impressive!
DISK 159: Poltergeist #1
Fright-film effects! Impossible to describe, but incredibly effective(& fun!). Play this one at 3 A.M. with the windows open and see what happens in your neighborhood! Expect to hear plenty of low frequency response.
DISK 163: MIDI Mix K
D-50 "Hybrid Strings"(analog-style strings plus crisp bell harmonics and voice resonance) mixed with real sampled strings. Soundtrack material.
DISK 177: Prophet tm 5 "Fat Pad One"
Impressive, thick & fat analog pad sound
DISK 179: D-50 "Stacatto Heaven"
Another of the unique D-50 pads. Somewhat bell-like stacatto attack which sustains on a chorused synth texture.
DISK 180: D-50 "OK Chorale"
Similar to Disk 179, but with more of a voice or choir sustained texture.
DISK 181: Oberheim's Revenge
An OB8 sawtooth patch with some filter resonance in the initial attack.
DISK 182: Matrix 12 "Wave One"
An impressive hard-edged classic analog (4 oscillator) synth tone. Rich & Fat!
DISK 183: D-50 "Ethnic Session"
A unique D-50 blend of plucked, percussive tones in the lower octaves, & slignt percussive tones in the upper octaves.

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