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Prophet tm 2000 Parts & Manuals




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  • P2000/2 8-audio outputs kit $89. Add separate audio outputs and process each of the Prophet tm's 8-voices independently.
  • P2000/2002 V4.3B Op ROM $23.95.. highest level available, required for operating the 8-output kit or 1-Meg memory, includes local off, x-fade looping, & fixes the Note OFF Bug in MIDI MODE 3b.
  • P2000/2002 operation manual Original, not a photocopy! $32.95
  • Prophettm 2000 keyboard control panel overlay $24.95 This original overlay makes your control panel look & feel like new.
  • Prophet tm 2000/2 technical service manual $29.95
  • Prophet tm 2000/2 technical service diagnostics disk SOLD OUT
  • P2000/2 to 512K sample memory expansion Assembled & Tested $249
  • P2000/2 to 1-Meg memory expansion kit #EXP-880 assembled & tested $598 Installation by a competent service technician is required
  • Prophet 2000/2002 compatible NEW Floppy Disk Drive $79 Load/Save/Compare/FORMAT sound disks for 256K or 512K Prophet 2000 or Prophet 2002 samplers


per piece prices
front panel pot $15
#S-096 Line/Mic Switch SOLD OUT
#M-396- Original Knob SOLD OUT
CEM3379 - VCF/VCA - IC
Call for Price
A - G White Keys $40 Each -
I-624 custom voice IC $75

Shipping Charges

USA  $10


INTERNATIONAL from $17 to $60

California Residents must add 8.75% Sales Tax

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