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Vintage Synthesizer Software

S E Q U E N T I A L   C I R C U I T S
S o f t w a r e   S u r v i v a l   K i t s

Vintage Sequential Circuits keyboards restored by Wine Country used to develop incredibly accurate software models of classic Sequential synthesizers.

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Prophet Plus

Prophet Plus  - Click to view larger image

The Prophet Plus software includes features from the original Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Prophet-10, Prophet T8, Prophet 600, plus more.. Features like an External Audio Input, built-in effects, 3 noise sources, multiple LFO sources, MIDI syncable LFOs, a de-tunable unison-stack mode, and extensive control over velocity, aftertouch, poly mod. Oscillators A & B can also be samples (WAV or Akai files).


Prophet Plus Software Survival Kits from Wine Country SEQUENTIAL.

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