Sequential® Prophet® 3000 Sounds, Parts & Manuals

The 2-Meg Prophet® 3000 was the last Sequential® Prophet®. It delivers 10.6 seconds of 16-bit stereo sampling at a rate of 48 kHz, or 21.2 seconds in mono. It was recognized as the world's easiest to operate digital sampler  
Options available include SCSI hard disk drives, a large library of sampled sounds, special memory expansion kits increasing overall sample memory to 4-megabytes, plus survival kits & a service diagnostics software disk.

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Sequential® Prophet® 3000 Sound Disk Library: $15 per title

  • Martin Steel String Acoustic Guitar
  • Nylon String Acoustic Guitar
  • Woodwinds & Saxophones
  • Ceramic Flute, Harmonica, Shamesan
  • Acoustic Bass, Pizzicato & Bowed
    Vibes, Xylophone, & Marimba
  • Sitar, Tamboura, & Tabla
  • Celeste & Glockenspeil
  • Violin Section
  • Strings Trill
  • 4 Gongs, hits & rolls
  • Harpsichord
  • Solo Violin
  • Violas Attack
  • Strings, Tremelo
  • Ogden Cello
  • Piano #2
  • Clarinet & Oboe
  • Four Trumpets
  • VS Strings
  • VS Glasshorn
  • VS Techo
  • Strings, Pizzicato
  • Latin Percussion
  • Jazz Trap with Sticks
  • Crash Cymbals
  • Classical Flute
  • Mixed Brass
  • Brass Choir
  • 4 Tenor Saxaphones
  • String Section

Sequential® Prophet® 3000 Parts

#I-090 1-Meg DRAM IC - $15
#I-365/CEM3387 IC $45
#I-366/CEM3357 IC $45
#S-120 panel switch $6
#I-627B PLCC Custom
Voice Controller IC-$45

#I-628 PLCC DMA IC - $75

Sequential® Prophet® 3000 Service Disk & Manuals

  • Service Diagnostics Disk$ 29.98
  • Technical service manual $29.98
  • Remote panel cable $29.98
  • Main housing $49.98
  • WCP 1.6A SCSI $19.98 hard disk operating software

Prophet® 3000
Survival Kit: $59

#SK3000-4 includes
#I-629 custom serial/parallel IC
#I-630 custom"glue chip" IC
#I-365/CEM3387 signal proc. IC
#I-366/CEM3357 s/h IC
control panel switch/cap & pots



Sequential® Prophet® 3000 custom IC No Longer Available!

The Sequential® #I-627 Rev.A, PGA style voice output custom ICs, is a complex chip that converts sound RAM data into data for all of the voices, adjusts sample playback for the desired pitch, controls sample start/end/looping points, synchs the playback of stereo channels, & controls refresh for the dynamic sound RAM.
The #I-627 Rev.A PGA chip was also intended to adjust for different RAM chip configurations. Unfortunately, a design flaw in the #I-627 Rev. A custom PGA IC failed to accomplish this task.
Nearly all Sequential® Prophet® 3000s were manufactured with the PGA style #I-627 Rev.A. Because of this design flaw, nearly all Sequential® Prophet® 3000s are unable to expand the sample memory to 4-Megabytes of RAM or beyond. The redesigned #I-627 Rev.B PLCC style custom IC corrects this flaw. The #I-627 Rev.B allows the Sequential® Prophet® 3000 to recognize the presence of the 16 DRAM (#I-090) memory ICs when installed into the 16 empty sockets located on the Sequential® Prophet® 3000's main. PC board (as originally intended). Unfortunately, replacing the #I-627 Rev.A GA style IC with a #I-627 Rev.B PLCC style IC is an extremely complicated modification that lacks any clear & precise technical documentation.
The Sequential® #I-628 custom IC is also no longer available.


Shipping Charges

USA  $12-$15


INTERNATIONAL from $17 to $80

California Residents must add 9.375% Sales Tax
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