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Prophet® 2000 Sound Disks $9.95 per title
for 512K Prophet® 2000/2002, DPX-1, & Studio 440 samplers
Wine Country Productions, Inc. (408) 265-2008 Email
1572 Park Crest Court., Suite #505 San Jose, California 95118 USA© 2000-2018 All Rights


DISK 1: Classical Guitar#1
A beautiful nylon string guitar sound with mellow pluck on one preset and bright pluck (with fingernails near the bridge) on another, plus velocity switching between the two for a realistic effect.
DISK 2: Electric 12-String Guitar #1
A bright, crisp-sounding Fender 12-String electric guitar recorded direct to disk. Perfect for those late 1960's numbers (like Byrds or Hollies tunes)
DISK 3: Rock Guitar #1
A terrific solo guitar sound. A Gibson Les Paul custom run through a Fender Super Reverb with lots of smooth (but nasty) distortion, & power 5ths.
DISK 4: Mondo Drums
Big kicks, snare hits, toms, & cymbals kit.
DISK 5: Muted Guitar/Harmonics
A 3 usable lead-line styles for electric guitar: clean, muted, & harmonics.
DISK 6: Acoustic 6-String Guitar
A rich, full, crystalline multi-sampled Martin concert acoustic 6-string guitar.
DISK 7: Classical Trumpet
Bright, clean, realistic solo trumpet.
DISK 8: Jazz Guitar One
A superb, smooth and mellow Gibson hollow body electric. Perfect for chordal modes, octaves or fast jazz scale runs.
DISK 9: Ultimate Grand Piano
This disk is the culmination of two years of Prophet tm sampling and processing. It is truly the finest Grand Piano available for the Prophet tm/DPX to date! This is a Hamburg 9-Foot Steinway, flawlessly main.tained with a beautifully clean, resonant tone. Perfect for all types of musical applications. You simply must hear & play this one to believe it!
DISK 10: Sound Effects One
Six great big & deep sound effects, all well looped & enveloped. Lots of low end.
DISK 11: Master Drum Set
Kicks, Toms, Snares, Cymbals, Tambourine & more. A super kit, with great clean sounds.
DISK 13: Bright Electric Guitar and Bass
A bright, clean electric guitar and a deep bass with picked & slapped playing styles.
DISK 15: Electric Grand Piano
This one really cuts through in a mix like a knife! A Yamaha CP70 recorded direct through the boards to disk. It is the perfect rock or fusion piano, yet versatile enough to be used in a wide range of music and styles.
DISK 16: MIDIed Grand & DX Rhodes
This is a great combination. You get the deep resonance of a Kawai MIDIed Grand plus the bell-like tones of a DX7 Rhodes patch for unique tone.
DISK 17: Electric Piano #1
An un-EQed mellow Rhodes suitcase piano recorded direct to disk.

KEYBOARDS on 5 disks
Minimoog * prophet®-5 * PPG
Oberheim OB8 * Matrix 12
512k and 256k
versions available!
$9.95 per sound disk title

These samples from the WINE COUNTRY sound disk library represent THE BEST samples available for the prophet® 2000/2, DPX-1, or Studio 440.
All Samples were visually edited on the Apple Macintosh using DIGIDESIGN's Sound Designer software. Each sound disk provides as much preset variety & flexibility that the specific title allows.
DISK 18: Electric Piano #2
An MKS20 Rhodes Piano sound. Brighter than Disk 17 with more "tine" sound.
DISK 20: Grand Harpsichord #2
A restored Italian instrument from about 1793 and it is one of the fullest, cleanest harpsichord sounds on the planet with double rank strings!
DISK 21: Electric Harpsichord
A modern double rank harpsichord with pickups recorded direct. A cleaner, brighter sound than Disk#20. Really cuts thru mixes.
DISK 22: Pipe Organ #1
This is a Wisconsin Pipe Organ. An absolutely huge sound with full ranks plus pedal tones. If you've never heard a well-main.tained pipe organ, you'll be amazed. Keyboard Magazine said "Even the Phantom of the Opera would get off on this one!" (reviewed in December 1988 issue)
DISK 23: Vibraphone
Here is the expanded version of the jazz classic: the vibraphone. A full five octaves of clear resonant mallet tones.
DISK 24: Upright Bass/Piano Split
A deep acoustic upright bass in the left hand & a Steinway Grand Piano in the right with various splits programmed on the presets.

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