Century 21!
Manuals provide valuable information concerning operation, maintenance,
repairs, & upgrades. Survival Kits contain those special spare parts to keep
your keyboard operational. At the heart of all TRAK keyboards are the 6 custom
synth-on-chip CEM3394s. A survival kit and service manual will help carry your
Sequential tm keyboard well into the 21st Century.
Six-Trak Version 11 ROM
offers the ability to sync the on- board sequencer to non-Sequential® MIDI Clocks, plus non-volatile MIDI Mode settings ...$24

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Sequential Circuits®

sixtrak and drumtraks Parts & Manuals


SIXTRAK Parts, Manuals, & Software

  • SIXTRAK Diagnostics ROM-
    will also DOWN LOAD 100 original Factory Programs

  • #E-40 Battery $15
  • operation manual $24.95
  • Tech Service Manual $15
  • SIXTRAK promo decals $1
  • SIXTRAK Transformer $8
  • Model 910 software/C64 $5
  • keys: white $10
  • keys black $7
  • # S-067 grey front panel switch $12
  • CEM3394 custom IC Call for Price
15 DRUMTRAKS Sound Chips $19.97 each

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(Macromedia Flash Player is required, download it here)

Sound Chip Audio Demo

Alternate Bass Mouthclicks Fingersnaps
Conga Slap Agogo Bell Noiseburst #1
Conga Pitchbend Cowbell
Electronic Bass Rock TOM #1
Electronic Snare #1 Rim Tabla
Electronic Snare #2 Noise Talking Drum
Electronic TOM #1 Timpani
Electronic TOM #2  
Or any of the Original Sequential® DRUMTRAKS Sound Chips
minimum order: 2 Sound Chips
DRUMTRAKS ROMS... $29.97 each
Operating System ROM DRUM 0.4 offers OMNI and POLY modes over 16 MIDI
channels, MIDI Pads-Out commands, & velocity sensitivity via MIDI. This is the best
version for using Drumtraks as a sound module with a MIDI sequencer.
Op ROM DRUM 0.5 offers all Version 0.4 features plus tuning information sent &
received via MIDI, and the ability to synchronize to tape & transmit MIDI clocks
simultaneously. Best version when using Drumtraks as a drum machine for patterns.
DRUMTRAKS Parts & Manuals
#S-069 Drum Pad Switch SOLD OUT
Operations Manual $24.95
Technical Service Manual $20
Survival Kits not available

Back-up Battery $15
Op ROM Drum 0.4 $29.97
Op ROM Drum 0.5 $29.97
Audio Output Jack $15

 All sound program data is available in MP3 format for $19.97
with free delivery by email

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