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Sequential® Studio 440 Parts & Manuals
  • Studio 440 #R-248 original data slider $23.95 each.
  • Studio 440 Drum Pad replacements $5 each. It's easy to replace a worn drumpad; remove the old pad, & install a new one. Individual custom die-cut black rubber drumpads with adhesive backing.
  • Studio 440 Final Operating ROMs, Vers. 2.30 for use with SCSI Hard Disk Drives $34.95 Includes MIDI Sample Dump Standard and SCSI. 
    Hard Disk Drive capabilities. Includes operating instructions:

  •  SMPTE Final Version 1.5 IC $19.95
  • Studio 440 original operations manual, final version $29.95 each.  
  • Studio 440 technical service manual $29.95 each.
    Includes all schematics, service procedures, & diagnostics commands.  

Sequential® Studio 440
Long Term 
Survival Kit $34.95
#LTSK-440-5 includes 5 parts:
  • one #S-099 front panel switch body 

  • two front panel custom potentiometer 

  • 2 black foam replacement drumpads

Shipping Charges

USA $12-$15


INTERNATIONAL from $17 to $80

California Residents must add 9.375% Sales Tax


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