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prophet®  T8 PARTS & Manuals

  • prophet® T8 operating software 3.8 ROMS, 3-chip set $59

    This 3 chip-set is the highest level operating system ROMs available from Sequential Circuits® for the T8. It offers MIDI operation in OMNI & POLY Modes, 16 MIDI channel assignments, send & receive program select data, pitch/mod wheels, sustain/hold alternate release commands by footswitch, and current program & sequencer data dumps via MIDI from a control panel command.

  • prophet® T8 operations manual $49.95. Includes patch sheets
  • prophet® T8 MIDI GUIDE $9.95. Includes HEX Code information
  • prophet® T8 technical service manual $59
    Includes schematics, technical service & diagnostics procedures.
  • prophet® T8 Technical Service diagnostic ROM IC $24.95
  • Key return Hammer/Spring/Flange replacements -SOLD OUT-
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Click Here  to view or download a single page brochure dated August 1982 introducing the
prophet® keyboard by Sequential Circuits®, Inc.

prophet® T8
Long Term Survival Kit
  • one panel potentiometers
  • front panel switch with LED
  • five #T-014 optical sensor detectors
  • black front panel screws
  • 50 keyboard shims
  • three optical vanes
Add a CEM3360 VCA, CEM3372 VCF
& CEM3340 VCO for extra protection

prophet® T8 CEM ICs
call for CEM price & availability

  • #I-327/CEM3360 VCA
    Voltage Control Amp IC
  • #I-331/CEM3372 VCF
    Voltage control Filter IC
  • #I-321/CEM3340 VCO
    Voltage Control Oscillator IC
  • #I-047/Z8002 CPU
    Non-Segmented CPU
  • #I-055/Z80B $35
  • #L-007 key sensor SOLD OUT
    keyboard optical emitter
  • #T-014 key sensor $3
    keyboard optical detector
  • prophet® T8 parts

    Audio output jack $17

    Nut $1

    #R-207 pitch/mod pot $15

    #E-040 back-up battery $15

    #M-352 Pitch/Mod Wheel - CALL FOR OPTIONS

    Front panel LED Switch $15

    Factory Program data available only in .Wav file or MP3 format for $19.97with free delivery by email


  • #E-262 VAC
    connector with EMI filter...$9
  • #S-025 red light power switch SOLD OUT
  • #S-062 110/220 voltage select switch...$19
  • AC power cord $9
  • Silver cap knob SOLD OUT
  • Pitch/Mod box $35
  • Front Panel Potentiometer $15

  • Shipping Charges

    USA $12-$15

    CANADA/MEXICO $15-$25

    INTERNATIONAL from $17 to $80

    California Residents must add 9.375% Sales Tax

    Email for more information!

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    Copyright® 1997 - 2023 Wine Country Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



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