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prophet®-5/10 SSM & CEM chips
Limited Supply.. call for price and availability

  • SSM2020 VCA
    email for price/availability

    Voltage Control Amplifier IC
  • SSM2030 VCO
    email for price/availability
    Voltage Control Oscillator IC
  • SSM2040 VCF
    email for price/availability

    Voltage Control Filter IC
  • SSM2050 ADSR
    email for price/availability
    Envelope Generator IC

    for Rev1 & Rev2 Prophets™


prophet®-5/10 parts

  • White keys $12 each
  • High "C" Keys not available
  • Black keys $7 each
  • New Original Black knobs $25
  • Original Used Black knobs $15 each
  • Original Used Silver knobs $35 each
  • Audio output jack..$7
  • #E-040 backup-up battery $15
  • #M-352 Pitch/Mod Wheels - CALL FOR OPTIONS
  • #I-226/6508 Ram IC $35
  • Fuse/110VAC $5
  • Fuse/220VAC $5
  • Rubber key stops $2 each
  • Fuseholder & Red Fuse cap set $29.97
  • 16 Pin Cable $22
  • 60 Pin Cable $45
  • Used/Original Front Panel Potentiometers $25 

#I-502 DAC-71 IC




Emergency Repairs
Survival Kits

  Maintenance records show common failures in a prophet®5 to be those components used in multiples... Like in the twenty six front panel pots.
One worn-out & noisy front panel parameter potentiometer will cause program data to "jitter" in the display, making small value adjustments difficult.


  • #I-319/CEM3310 adsr
    Envelope Generator IC

  • #I-320/CEM3320 VCF
    Voltage Control Filter IC

  • #I-321/CEM3340 VCO
    Voltage Control Oscillator IC

  • #I-322/CA3280 VCA
    Voltage Control Amplifier IC
                               for Rev3 Prophets™
There are also 37 front panel switches, ten CEM3310 Envelope Generator ICs, eleven CEM3340 VCO ICs, fourteen CA3280 VCA ICs, & five CEM3320 VCF ICs. If any one of these components fail, your prophet® fails
prophets® and the 21st Century
How long do you plan to keep your prophet®? If the answer is forever, then a little long term planning is required. Successful survival of any prophet® into the 21st century requires access to a supply of special spare parts and complete technical documentation. Given enough time, old parts become extinct, and a failure in a unique custom component is inevitable. Planning for long term survival insures longer and healthier lives for prophets® in Century 21.

prophet® 10 MIDI kit $439

The original Sequential Circuits® MIDI kit for the prophet®10 offers MIDI IN and OUT jacks, with operation in OMNI or POLY Modes over MIDI Channels 1 and 6, note ON/OFF, program select, and current program MIDI data dump.  Estimate 2 to 3 hours of installation labor by a competent service technician.

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prophet-10bw.gif (229566 bytes) f

Here to visit for additional MIDI Kit information

prophet®-5 MIDI kits

The original Sequential® Factory MIDI kit for the Revision 3.2 or 3.3 Prophet™-5 offers MIDI IN and OUT jacks, with operation in OMNI & POLY Modes over 16 MIDI channels with program select & alternate release, plus response to incoming pitch wheel data in 3-ranges & current program MIDI data dumps. Instructions included. Estimate 2 to 3 hours for MIDI kit installation by a competent service technician.

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INTERNATIONAL from $17 to $80

California Residents must add 9.375% Sales Tax


Email for more information!

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