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$9.95 Sounds for Prophet® 2000/2002, DPX-1, & Studio 440 samplers continued

DISK 27: Acoustic Guitar & Wood FluteYou get a crisp steel-string acoustic guitar and a hand-made wood flute on separate presets plus crossfades and layers.
DISK 28: Lute & Recorder
A beautiful harp-like lute on one preset, soprano recorder on another plus crossfades and layers. Perfect for ancient airs and dances or for that Baroque feel.
DISK 29: Heavy Metal Guitar
A metal lover's dream come true. Heavily EQed power 5ths with screaming single lead notes plus layers and stacks.
DISK 30: Heavy Metal Chords
Some nasty power 5ths with lots of distortion plus flanging on some presets. Destruction!
DISK 31: Digital Basses
Four very different-but very powerful-bass samples with stacks, velocity switching, layering & more. You may never need another bass disk! (Note: because most of the programs on this disk make use of stack mode (not recommended for DPX-1).
DISK 32: Rock Guitar With Chorus
A taste of tube distortion plus some chorusing gives this Gibson solid body character. Clean enough for chords; dirty enough for leads.
DISK 33: Breathy Saxophone
Without a doubt, one of the best sax samples to be had anywhere. Natural player vibrato & lots of breath-sound is very realistic. One of the very best disks in the library. Keyboard Mag said "better wear your raincoat, this one is wet & sensual".
DISK 35: Soprano Sax #1
This disk features a "guest appearance" by a well-known soprano player. We can't use his name because of his contract with a major record label, but we can tell you this is a beautifully lyrical sample with touch sensitivity (including variable attack time) built-in for a lot of expressiveness. A great disk!
DISK 40: Sax Ensemble
Here are two tenors, two altos and a baritone, together for a thick sax ensemble sound.
DISK 41: Big Band #1
Here are six saxes, three trombones, one bass trombone and trumpets for a real big band feel. use this disk for ensemble passages, then overdub some solo brass for a sound you won't believe!
DISK 45: Solo Flute #1
A wonderfully breathy solo flute. Perfect for all styles of music from improvisational jazz to classical to new age.
DISK 46: English Horn, Bassoon, French Horn & Flute
Quite a disk! For Baroque lovers or anyone with a taste for wind instruments. All sorts of solo and layered arrangements.
DISK 47: Wind Ensemble
3 Flutes, 2 Clarinets, an Oboe & Bassoon. Velocity controls attack and decay as well as volume on some presets. A subtle, yet powerful sound.
DISK 48: Wind Ensemble With High Strings
Take Disk 47's Wind Ensemble, add 5 violins and you get this beautiful-sounding disk. Perfect for all sorts of classical or film music. Includes velocity control of attack and decay. Superb!
Disk 49: Symphonics One
Here is a small chamber orchestra with 21 members. Winds, brass and strings come together to provide a dense, impressive sound.
Disk 50: Violoncello & Viola
An original 1829 restored cello plus a new hand-made viola. This is a great solo string disk. Includes variations with attack & decay affected by velocity.
DISK 51: Cello & Viola Sections
FIve cellos and five violas for an extraordinarily lush string sound. Includes velocity & decay rates controlled by key velocity.
DISK 52: Low Orchestral Strings
The ultimate in low strings! Basses, Cellos & Violas! A very powerful and dramatic string sound. Includes velocity control of attack & decay.
DISK 54: Digital Choir/Voices
Heavily-processed, synth-like set of voices with sweeping harmonics on one preset plus huge mixed choir on another plus stacks & layers.
DISK 55: Etheral Choir & Male Vocals
Two male singers give you warm "oohs" on one preset and a small male and female choir gives you breathy "aahs" on another plus layered effects.
DISK 56: Orchestral Percussion
Timpani, Gong, Cymbals, Bass Drum, Orchestral Snare, Snare Rolls, Bells & more. A stand-out disk for large-scale symphonic works & soundtrax.
DISK 58: Oberheim OB8#1
A full 12 presets of the finest of analog synths, the OB8! Includes the "classic" Oberheim synt pad plus a second set of impressive sounds plus mod-wheel crossfades, stacks, layers and velocity sensitivity on all of it. An all-time best seller!
DISK 59: Oberheim OB8#2
A different set of analog synth sounds including some fine synth horns. Cross-fades, layers & more! Perfect complement to Disk 58's sound.
DISK 60: Digital Synth & "Glass" Synth
Two great contrasting patches from the Korg DW series. One is a "straight-ahead" analog-type lead/comp sound with slightly built-in portamento. The other is an atmospheric synth effect for those slower spacey numbers. Plus stacks and layers.
DISK 61: Analog Strings #1
An Oberheim string patch plus an ARP String Ensemble sample for two great analog string pads. Includes individual and layered versions of each.
DISK 65: Far East #1
Here is a bright sitar, a tamboura and cycled percussion together on one disk.
DISK 67: Harmonica & Accordian
These two sometimes-neglected, yet very expressive reed instruments come together to prove they are important additions to any sample library. All sorts of solos, stacks and layered effects.
DISK 73: Flemish Harpsichord One
Excellent collection of sounds from one of the more difficult vintage keyboards.
DISK 75: Flemish Harpsichord Three
This is similar to Disk 73, but arranged using slightly different samples.

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