PROPHET® VS RAM Cartridges

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Every Prophet® VS is equipped with a cartridge port that accepts either a VS ROM or VS RAM Cartridge. Without a VS cartridge you cannot take advantage of this expansion port. Each VS ROM or VS RAM Cartridge can store 100 programs and up to 32 waveforms. Please note that only VS RAM carts allow the user to STORE his programs & waves to the cartridge. Any VS Sound Set listed can be programmed onto a VS RAM cartridge. 
Select from 6 sets of 100 programs per cartridge sets
....>>>600 VS Sound Programs in 6 sets

$19.95 per Sound Set to be Programmed on to your
RAM Cartridge
choose from
Sound Set #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
to be programmed onto RAM Cartridge

6 Sets of VS Sound Programs

            • VS #1 original factory sounds

            • VS #2 gig-type factory sounds

            • VS #3 gig-type non-factory sounds  

            • VS #4 best-of sounds #1, #2, #3

            • VS #5 spacey American sounds

            • VS #6 gig-type European sounds 


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Prophet® VS Rackmount Introduced January 1987

Prophet® VS Keyboard Introduced January 1986

Final Operating Software ROMs For Prophet® VS Available
Check your VS Software Version Level TODAY

Prophet® VS Version 1.2 
Now only $34.95
This two chip set offers an Increment & Decrement
function so that very small changes to parameter values can be
easily accomplished without using the data slider. Other
features include Local Keyboard On/Off, and a non-volatile
Program Number that allows the last program selected at
power down to automatically return at power-up. The LFO is
also synchronized to key depressions, & a transpose mode is
available. These chips are socketed; no soldering is required.
Installation is easy! Complete operations and installation
instructions are also included with every order.
Your current version level scrolls in the display
at Prophet® VS power-up

Shipping Charges



INTERNATIONAL from $17 to $80

California Residents must add 9.375% Sales Tax

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